Screencasting – A great way to teach and reinforce concepts


Have you ever tried to explain how to use technology in your classes only to have students come back the next day saying they couldn’t get it to work, or they don’t know how to use. Instead of explaining yourself 20 times, just make a screencast. A screencast is basically just a video of your computer screen that adds audio. So, you can simply give your students a link, and they will never have to ask you how to use that technology again.

Also, teachers could use this technology to have students make presentations on new technology or anything that could be put on the computer screen.

Below is an example of a screencast I made for some audio technology that I wanted students to use.

There are many screencasting options, here are a few: – no download required, this is what I used for the above video.

Students, why not use screencasting for some of your presentations?  It is a great way to teach your classmates some new technology that could be used to learn English.

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