“Grammar Heroes:” Great Grammar Review Activity for ESL/EFL classrooms


Hi everyone, I want to introduce a  great group grammar review activity for the ESL classroom.  It helps to get students working as a group and engages them with content in an unconventional way. I found it to be very engaging and interesting for my adult ESL class. It could also be used in the beginning of a unit for ESL classes as well.

I want to make sure I give credit where credit is due. A colleague of mine, Dr. Carolina Correa, gave me the inspiration for the framework of this lesson (i.e. the posters, grammar tenses, etc.)  I added the superhero element and the idea of powers, exploits, mission, etc.  She is a wonderful teacher and a great inspiration for creativity in the ESL classroom.

Below is the sheet that explains the teacher instructions and student instructions as well.

“Grammar Heroes” Teacher/Student Instructions

The formatting may look off, but should be okay when you bring it up in MS Word.

Here are some examples from my Adult ESL class.

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