Powerpoint Alternatives – Best Web Based Slide Presentation Applications


Powerpoint has been the staple for slide presentations for years, but there are many easy and sometimes free alternatives for students and teachers who can’t afford the Office Suite. Here are some good alternatives that some may even say are better than Powerpoint.

1. Prezi – This is the zooming presentation platform that has caught fire in the last few years. Done well, prezis can be amazing. Done badly, they can be a real headache. Below is an example made on Prezi, then added to Youtube. Note, Prezi only has the visual features, not the music.  Note that Prezi gives you 100 MB of prezis for free.

Here is an example Prezi I made for iPad apps for ESL teachers.

2. Slides – Looks like a good presentation app with mobile access that seems pretty simple and good for those with powerpoint experience or little to no experience.

3.   Emaze – This looks like a real winner to me. The slideshows look like infographics. They are more linear than Prezi, but they seem very clean and neat.

4.  Empressr – This looks very much like powerpoint in many ways, but is a free web based program that can be embedded. Below is an example.

5. SlideRocket – Very much like powerpoint, but web based, this seems like a business focused preentation platform with collaborative capabilities. Also, you can import powerpoints to sliderocket and collaborate through their web based service. You do have to sign up to use it. This is a very collaborative form of slide presentation.

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