Best ESL Online Courses

english language schools
Want to speak a language naturally?

ESL online courses are a perfect way to learn English from the comfort of your home.
Below you can find the BEST language classes in different countries.

ESL Online Courses in the UK:

  • British Council English Online   You will work in small groups with your expert teacher and classmates in live online classes. This course is available at the next levels: Elementary A1, Pre-Intermediate Level A2, Intermediate B1, Upper Intermediate B2, and Advanced C1. For more details, please visit the site.
  • BBC 6 Minute English Learn English by listening is the main goal of the project. You can find new videos every week. It is completely free to listen to. Each “episode” is only six minutes long. ESL students can listen to different accents on many topics. So, it will be easier for them to understand people from other countries.

ESL Online Courses in India:

  • Let’sTalk It is a great course for helping new English speakers learn a wide range of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. This platform is free with millions of subscribers on Youtube.

ESL Online Courses in the USA:

  • USA learns It is one of the best choices out there. There are loads of lessons for all levels of learning. It is totally free of charge.
  • EnglishClass101 You will start speaking English from your first lesson. A great majority of topics and plans. So you can get lessons based on your goals and needs.
  • BubblebeeTV You will  improve your speaking and listening skills with this course. It is good for both ESL teachers and students. The lessons are fun with lots of fresh videos, articles and English learning material from all over the world. Some classes are free via BubblebeeTV, others are offered by 12$.

ESL Online Courses in Australia and Malaysia

  • OpenLearning This free English course is for advanced learners and teachers who have a grasp on grammar and vocabulary and are looking to learn more about writing (essays, sentence structure), discussion, and similar topics.

ESL Online Courses in Spain

  • UPValenciaX’s Upper-Intermediate English You will learn more about English grammar (how to use English verb tenses in contex) and vocabulary. Only one level is available – Upper-Intermediate. Good preparation for an interview in English. This course will help you to write formal and informal letters in English.

ESL Online Courses in Ireland

  • Online courses in Galway There are six online courses to learn English. You can choose the one you like or need more: General English, IELTS, Cambridge B2 First Exam Preparation Online, Cambridge C1 Advanced Exam Preparation Online, Combination Course Online, One to One Online.
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