English Video Discussion – the History of Cheese


esl video about cheese

There is a legend about cheese. But it is simply a legend.
How about the real history of cheese?
Let’s watch the video & learn the true story. But first, write down 5 things you would like to know about cheese and ask your questions (How old is cheese?, …).


  1.  How old is cheese?
  2.  Who discovered cheese and cheesemaking?
  3.  How could they do it? Was it from cow’s milk?
  4.  What were “clumps”? How did they find them?
  5.  What was the advantage of the discovery for those people?
  6. Is milk good for a modern stomach? Why yes/not?
  7. How did people use cheese?
  8. What were Medieval monks famous for?
  9. Switzerland was a land of cheese in the past. Is it still the leader?


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