English Video for Beginners


english video for beginners

Agree that it is not easy to find good ESL videos for beginners.

Is Youtube good for beginners?

Youtube contains a lot of English videos for all the levels, but how to choose really interesting and useful ones? I will share two educational videos for beginners (A1) with you. You will be able to improve your listening and speaking skills, and your English pronunciation (just pause and pronounce the word or phrase).

1) The 1st video is motivational for beginners. Try to do the same things if you wanna learn English:)


Why did the man learn Engish?
What methods did he use for learning?
Did you see his progress in learning?

2) The 2nd video is educational. You will learn important phrases for expressing likes and dislikes in English.

Discussion questions:

Do you like the video?
What did you learn from it?
What is an example of the rule?

I hope you enjoy the videos. If you want to see other video discussions, click here.

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