English Video for Kids


english video for kids

There are a lot of English videos, tales & stories for kids on the Internet. They are fun, exciting & colorful.

How to choose useful English videos for kids

The questions is how to choose more useful & educational videos from such a huge number.
I have prepared three educational videos for your kids. My small friends can improve their English pronunciation and listening. They will learn new words & phrases in English and be able to use them in their speech.
I hope they will like the videos.

    1. Learn the names of shapes easily:)

  • What have your kids learned form “the shapes” video?  Ask them to pronounce the names of shapes.

2. Learn the colors & color mixing easily:)

  • What have the kids learned from “the colors” video? Ask them to pronounce the names of colors.

3. Learn the time easily:) What time is it?

  • What have the kids learned from “the time” video? What time is it now?

Which video do your kids like more: 1, 2 or 3? Why?

If you are interested in ESL videos for beginners, click here

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