English Video Rhymes for Kids


Nursery Rhymes

How can you motivate kids to learn English? What are the steps to achieve the goal?

Here are 8 main steps to teach English to kids

  1. Keep it simple. Think back to when you were a child:)
  2. Always show, do not tell (do not use “chalk & talk method”. It does not work with kids).
  3.  Do not be a boring teacher:)
  4. Be happy & smile:)
  5. Always stay positive:)
  6. Get kids moving:)
  7. Play games:)
  8. Sing English songs & rhymes. Kids learn through them:)

Below you can find popular English video rhymes for kids. They are funny & educational.

Let’s sing together! 🙂

Which video do your kids like more?

If you want to watch my other videos for kids, click here.

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