ESL Video Lesson With Discussion – Quality


In this lesson you will watch the YouTube video with pre-lesson discussion, post-lesson discussion, and key vocabulary. This video can help ESL students to improve English speaking and listening skills.

CGI Animated Short Film HD The Small Shoemaker

Active vocabulary:

  • a shoemaker
  • a shoe seller
  • an advert = an ad = an advertisement = advertising
  • discount
  • sale = %
  • promotion
  • marketing
  • low (poor, bad) quality
  • high (good, excellent) quality
  • small business
  • big business
  • unique = the only


1. What is quality? Is it a degree of excellence? Give an example.
2. What is a small business?
3. What is a big business?
4. What is the difference between small and big businesses?
5. Which seller do you prefer when buying shoes – small domestic manufacturer or big transnational company? Why?


1. How can you describe a shoemaker and his business? Why is he short?
2. How can you describe a shoe seller and his business? Why is he tall?
3. What was the shoe seller’s secret of success?
4. Why did a shoemaker start making low quality and striking footwear?
5. Why did a tall man decide to buy a pair of shoes from a shoemaker?
6. What does the number 666 on the van mean? Is a shoe seller “a devil”?

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