Grammar – Wh Questions in English with Practice



Hi, there. I am Phil Rice. And what is your name? Where are you from? Who are you? When do you get up? Who is your best friend? Why are you here?
What are the eight Wh questions in English?
Who, what, where, why, which, when, whose and how.

I recommend you learn Wh questions, because they are very important in English. We use them to ask for information. You can use Wh questions anytime and anywhere (in shops, in conversations, on the phone, at school or university, etc.). The answer cannot be yes or no. We expect an answer which gives information (Where do you go? – To the park. Why do you like her? – Because she is smart, kind, and beautiful.)

If you do not want to sound boring, ask WH questions. For example, What did you do yesterday? – I did the house. Who helped you?- My son. And what did you do? – I played tennis with my friend. Who won the match? – My friend George. How long did it last? – 2 hours.
Agree that it sounds lively and not boring. So we can conclude that WH QUESTIONS DEVELOP OUR SPEAKING SKILLS.

Can you think of your WH questions you could ask someone about the tennis match?

Forming wh-questions

1. WH – QUESTIONS + an AUXILIARY VERB (do, does, did, have, has, is,am,are)/ MODAL VERB (can, should, might, etc.) + a SUBJECT + a MAIN VERB

What do you like to eat?
Where do you live?


Who lives with you?
What makes you so creative?


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