This is the first in a series of tutorials on how to make correct adjective clauses.   This deals with the wrong use of the pronoun in an  adjective clause. Please check out Adjective Clauses- Common Mistakes #2  and Adjective Clauses-Common Mistakes #3 if you find...

Adjective Clauses Overview

On November 7, 2011

Relative Clauses - Adjective clauses from phricee This slide show should help learners to figure out where and when to use adjective clauses. This includes when to use the pronouns.

Adjective Clause Placement

In Grammar
On November 7, 2011
Where should adjective clauses go in a sentence? This tutorial should help you to understand.  Adjective clauses always go directly after the word they modify, whereas adjectives mostly go before the word they modify in English.  The only real exception to this rule is in older...

Noun Clauses

On November 1, 2011

A quick and funny way to learn noun clauses for all writing situations: reported speech, embedded noun clauses, quoted speech, and more. Noun clauses are very confusing for many English.

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