Adjective Clause Game "Taboo"  This slide presentation can be used to play a fun game of adjective clause "Taboo," in which students sit in front of the class while others call out clauses without the "taboo" words. This is a great activity for a listening and...


On March 15, 2010

For your conclusions, you need to make sure that you do a few things: Give a sense that you have completed and fully explored your argument. Go back to your.


In Writing
On March 15, 2010
Introductions can be very difficult for beginning English writers. A good introduction can make or break an academic paper. Most of the time, if someone is not interested by your introduction, they will not be interested in the rest of your paper. Here are some quick...

Body Paragraphs

On March 15, 2010

The body is where you prove the point that you have made in your introduction and thesis. Here are a few quick tips for your body paragraphs: Use topic sentences..

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