English Sounds – SH /∫/ and ZH /ʒ/ – How to Say


sounds shandzh

English is full of difficult sounds. Some of them are challenging for Spanish and Chinese speakers, but may be easy for Russian and French people .
In this lesson we are going to compare the difficult sounds SH /∫/ and ZH /ʒ/.
They are called fricatives in English. The ‘SH sound‘ is voiceless; the ‘ZH sound‘ is voiced.

Look at the articulation of these sounds:

And now let’s see how to make the sounds SH /∫/ and ZH /ʒ/ and practice them:

Let’s look at some pairs and repeat:

  • emotion – erosion
  • excursion – exclusion
  • invention – invasion
  • ancient – Asian

If you want to practice tongue twisters with ‘SH’ sound, click here.

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