English Sounds – SH /∫/ and ZH /ʒ/ – How to Say


sounds sh and zh

English is full of difficult sounds. Some of them are challenging for Spanish and Chinese speakers, but may be easy for Russian and French people .
In this lesson we are going to compare the difficult sounds SH /∫/ and ZH /ʒ/.
They are called fricatives in English. The ‘SH sound‘ is voiceless; the ‘ZH sound‘ is voiced.

Look at the articulation of these sounds:

And now let’s see how to make the sounds SH /∫/ and ZH /ʒ/ and practice them:

Let’s look at some pairs and repeat:

  • emotion – erosion
  • excursion – exclusion
  • invention – invasion
  • ancient – Asian

If you want to practice tongue twisters with ‘SH’ sound, click here.

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