Sound W – Tongue Twisters with Audio


tongue twisters with audio

Wanna speak English naturally? To succeed, You need more practice in English Pronunciation.

Sound /w/

The sound /w/ is voiced, so the vocal cords must vibrate when you make it.
The ‘w sound’ can be found in many Engllish words such as white, what, cows, row, below, etc.
At first glance it looks not so difficult and even easy. But you MUST know some secrets to pronounce it correctly.

How to pronounce sound /w/ properly?

Your jaw is mostly closed. You should round your lips and form a narrow, tight circle. Look at the picture. sound w

Which sound is similar to the sound /w/?

The sound /w/ is very similar to the vowel sound /u/.

The only difference is that your lips are slightly more closed when producing the sound /w/.

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