The Idioms- Top 10 English Idioms


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What is an idiom?

An idiom is a group of words that have special meaning when they are used together: ‘When pigs fly’ is an idiom meaning ‘something that will never happen or is impossible‘.

I think she’ll pay you back your money – when pigs fly.

How many idioms are there in English?

There are at least 20 000 idioms in English.

What are idioms for?

Idioms are used in all the languages, they make the communication between people easier and shorter.  Also idioms make the language more exciting, impressive and living.

Why are idioms difficult to understand?

Because their meaning is different. You do not need to translate every word to understand an idiom. For example, ‘a bed of roses’ is an idiom meaning ‘easy option’. ‘I passed the exam though it was not a bed of roses’. Agree you can’t understand the idiom if you don’t know its meaning.

List of Top 10 English Idioms

english idiomsidioms in english

Practice the idioms. Make up your 10 sentences with 10 idioms.


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