The Snake Sound – How to Say /S/ in English


s sound

Hi, guys! Do you know how to make /s/ sound in English? It is very similar to the sound of a snake ‘sssssss’. Of course, you have heard it!

The articulation

Look at the mouth picture for the /s/ sound. It is very important to understand the tongue position and the shape of lips before producing English sounds. The sound is unvoiced, so you do not need your voice to say it. Just air.

sound s tonguesound s lips


How to make the sound /s/

  1. Put the tip of your tongue behind the front teeth, very close to the roof of the mouth but not touching it.
  2. Bite your teeth together.
  3. Shape your lips to match the picture above (like a smile).
  4. Breathe out.

Look, listen and repeat the sound ‘s’ and words with it:


‘S’ Words

Practice /S/ words and make up sentences with them:

s sound words



s words

The sound ‘S’ Tongue twisters:


s tongue twistersenglish tongue twisterstongue twisters s

tongue twister s

tongue twisters with s

Click here to practice more tongue twisters with native speakers.

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