Video Discussion for Teaching and Learning – Cannibalism


esl video cannibalism

Have you ever seen movies about cannibals and cannibalism (“Hannibal”, “Alive”, “Cannibal Holocaust”, etc.) ?

I think yes.

Do you believe in this idea? Why yes/not?

Would you admit cannibalism in any forms? Why yes/not?

Let’s watch the video about cannibalism and check if it is a myth or reality.


  1. What was a miracle cure in 15 century?
  2. When did the word “cannibal” appear?
  3. Who was a Caribe?
  4. What is the connection between a Caribe and cannibalism?
  5. What are the forms of cannibalism?
  6. What were the reasons of cannibalism?
  7. What is interesting about “Egyptian mumia”?
  8. What is known to you about cannibalism in China & New Guinea?
  9. Is there a history of cannibalism or not?

Look at the words and phrases from the video & be ready to retell the history of cannibalism:

  • miracle cure
  • 15 century
  • brown powder
  • human flesh
  • Columbus
  • Spanish Queen
  • permission to capture
  • inslave
  • Caribe
  • Mumia
  • dead peple to survive
  • medical cannibalism
  • China
  • New Guinea
  • kuru
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